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Overview... rock musician. Or, perhaps, “aspiring rock musician” would be more accurate. Rex doesn’t really have a job; instead he lies around waiting for his band “The Lone Rangers” to get its big break. Unfortunately record producers won’t listen to their demo tape, and in order to get their music heard, Rex and his band-mates Chazz and Pip decide to break into the “Rebel Radio” station toting fake guns to demand that their demo tape get played on the air.

Personality… gruff and pushy, but not as fierce as he likes to think. The would-be tough guy of “The Lone Rangers,” Rex isn’t afraid to give the finger to just about anyone. He has to boss Pip around in order to get Pip to move with the same intensity with which Rex moves. Rex is the muscle of the group, although he’s quite scrawny, more bark than bite.

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