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About Him

Grew Up... beneath the village. Sonny Resetti is from the village, but he doesn’t mingle with the other animal residence on the surface. This makes sense though seeing as he is a mole.   

Living... in Resetti’s center. From this underground base in the city, Resetti and his older brother Don monitor the village for misbehaving villagers.   

Profession... Save Game Lecturer. As one of the only residents aware that he is in a game, Resetti’s job is to punish players who reset the game without saving in an attempt to undo past mistakes. As he says, “I’ve been at this job for years, kid, and I can see right through ya!”

Interests… ranting. Resetti loves going into long, raving, barely coherent rants about the evils of resetting. And it doesn’t matter if villagers care or not because they have to listen. He also enjoys bitter coffee.

Relationship Status... single. Resetti is somebody whome people want to actively avoid, so of course he is single. Though he has a strong bond with his brother/co-worker, Tom, as well as a crush on Celeste the owl.

Challenge... stopping villagers from resetting. Resetti’s long bothersome rants are meant to discourage players from resetting so they won’t have to see him again. But the choice is still ultimately up to the player. So the more often they reset, the longer Resetti’s rants become.                      

Personality... salty. Resetti is very grumpy, and the more players reset the more annoyed he gets. He is very jaded, but he knows his job is important and that someone has to do it. 

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