Rene Gallimard
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Rene Gallimard

M. Butterfly

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About Him

Overview... an awkward, opera-loving French diplomat. He has recently come to China, and he is just as bewildered by the culture as he is enamored with it. Or, to be more exact, enamored with one specific part of it: Song Liling, the beautiful Chinese actress who gives Gallimard a much-needed boost to his confidence. Submissive and delicate, Song appears to be Gallimard's perfect woman– but appearances can be deceiving, and Song may turn out to be too good to be true.

Personality... insecure, nerdy, and deeply romantic. After a lifetime of being ignored by women, Gallimard is delighted when Song begins paying attention to him, especially because of her resemblance to the protagonist of Gallimard's favorite opera, Madame Butterfly. But there are disadvantages to having a worldview based on opera and nineteenth-century stereotypes, and Gallimard's insistence on viewing the world theatrically has disastrous repercussions for his career and relationships.

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