Renata Klein
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Renata Klein

Big Little Lies

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Living... glamorously, in Monterey Bay, California. Renata is one of the richest residents of the wealthy enclave renowned for its incredible public school system.

Profession... successful businesswoman. Among other things, Renata is on the board of PayPal. Though she’s renowned in her field, she has some anxiety over being a working mom, especially when some of the other moms at her daughter’s school parent full-time.

Interests... designer clothes, fine wine, and serving on community boards.

Relationship Status... married. Renata’s husband Gordon is also a successful businessman. They’re a bit of a Monterey Bay power couple, although their relationship isn’t always picture perfect. They have first-grade daughter named Amabella who’s much shier than either of her outspoken parents.

Challenge... getting through a murder investigation. When someone dies under mysterious circumstances at an Otter Bay school fundraiser, Monterey is thrown into a tizzy. The police set out to investigating what happened and who may have been involved—which includes pretty much all of the parents who were there, including Renata. Getting to the root of what happened means digging into the events of the past school year. Back then, Renata was focused on figuring out who was bullying Amabella at school. She thinks the blame lies with a boy named Ziggy, who’s the son of new-in-town Jane Chapman. Battle lines are immediately drawn with Renata on one side and Jane, Madeline Mackenzie, and Celeste Wright on the other. As Renata warns them, “Do not f*ck with my daughter’s birthday.”

Personality... passionate and intense. Renata always strives to live life to the fullest, whether she’s managing a project or planning the perfect party for Amabella. She’s outspoken, frank, and opinionated, which earns her both loyal friends and powerful rivals. As she tells her daughter, “You have to be a big girl and use your voice in this world. That's why they call me a bulldog because I had to learn how to fight back with a bully.” Renata luxuriates in being one of the queen bees of Monterey Bay, but she’s also plagued by internal doubts and fears. Though Renata can be a bit self-centered and vindictive, she’s also aware of her own flaws. She just doesn’t always know how to confront them.

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