Reginald Barclay
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Reginald Barclay

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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About Him

Living... aboard the United Federation of Planets' Galaxy Class flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC 1701-D), as it hurdles through space seeking out new life and new civilizations. Barclay is, perhaps, that somewhat strange fellow who keeps to himself and does not interact with others by choice. Despite choosing the lifestyle of an officer aboard a starship, Barclay seems ill-prepared to rise to the challenge of saving the ship from distress.

Visiting... colonized planets, such as Nahmi Four, that are in need of the Enterprise’s assistance, in the form of medical supplies. Or, various points across known space that have suffered communications failures with the Federation. All challenges are the same, for Reg.

Profession... Lieutenant of Starfleet, and diagnostic engineer on Geordi La Forge’s engineering team. When something goes wrong, Barclay is the last man you’d call. While Captain Gleason of the Zhukov (Barclay’s former posting) spoke very highly of him, his reserved manner and nervous demeanor tend to set his fellow crewmen on edge…

Interests... romancing, grandstanding, swordplay. While Barclay may serve his duties on the Enterprise as quietly and without notice as possible, his free time is spent on the holodeck, wherein he lives an exuberant fantasy life.  His devil-may-care attitude and frequent opposition of superior officers is *all* the rage with the ship’s female officers, including Counselor Deanna Troi and Doctor Beverly Crusher.

Relationship Status... nonexistent. That is to say, Reg’s mind is preoccupied with fantasy occurrences and he lacks the grounded nature conducive to most relationships. Unless you count his holodeck courtship of The Goddess of Empathy…

Challenge.... LieutenantBarclay’s anxiety and lack of confidence in his professional relationships causes friction among his coworkers. Often late for meetings, Reg has drawn unwanted attention from his commanding officer, Geordi La Forge, as well as the ship’s first officer, Commander William Riker. Overcoming them in fierce battle (two-against-one) is the easy part, for Reg; as he says, “I will speak with my sword, sir.” But holding a conversation with them, off of the holodeck? That, to him, is most terrifying.

Personality... nervous, quiet, imaginative. Barclay possesses great talent, and a certain flair for the dramatic. Given the opportunity, and patience necessary, for him to shine, it may just be possible that Reg will overcome his fears and contribute to the ship’s well-being in a crucial way.

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