Regina Mills

Regina Mills

    Once Upon a Time
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up…  with a manipulative mother and a doting father. She is the daughter of Cora (a miller’s daughter) and Henry, a prince. They lived in the Enchanted Forest, where Regina learned to be a skillful horseback rider. As an adult, she became the Evil Queen.

Living… in Storybrooke, Maine, the town she created with a curse to get revenge on Snow White. The curse wiped out the residents’ memories of their fairytale existences, except for those of Regina/The Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin, who goes by Mr. Gold in Storybrooke. Regina lives in a large white house surrounded by apple trees with her adopted son, Henry.

Profession… mayor of Storbybrooke, in addition to her “duties” as Evil Queen. She keeps watch over everyone in town and constantly clashes with Emma Swan, the new sheriff. Emma is also Henry’s biological mother and the daughter of Snow White, facts that Regina only recently learned and that could threaten her entire world. 

Interests… magic, apples, and her adopted son, Henry. Henry doesn’t like that his adoptive mother uses magic, and she sometimes stops using it for him.

Relationship Status… single and cynical. Before becoming (the Evil) Queen, Regina was in love with a stable boy, and was generally much more optimistic about romance. Once in Storybrooke, though, Regina forgoes serious romantic entanglements to focus on staying in power. However, she was once told by Tinkerbell that her true love exists within the Enchanted Forest. 

Challenge… convincing Henry that she can be a good mother. Once Henry finds out that Regina used to be the Evil Queen, he fights to live with his birth mother, Emma. Regina ultimately decides Henry is more important to her than vengeance, and begins trying to be a good person. But with a past befitting an actual fairytale villain, Regina struggles to obtain Henry’s trust.

Personality… aggressive, smart, and pragmatic. Unlike her mother, Regina learns to value her relationships over achieving total power, and acts as a foil to Snow White’s idealism. Of course, you don’t get to be the “Evil Queen” without doing some serious harm to somebody, and you definitely don’t want Regina as an enemy. 


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