Regan MacNeil
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Regan MacNeil

The Exorcist

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About Her

Grew Up… in Hollywood, with her mother who was a famous actress. Regan was given a lot of independence growing up – especially since her parent’s schedules often took them out of the house.

Living… in Washington D.C., where Regan’s mother is shooting her latest film. Regan’s parents recently divorced each other, and her mother was hoping that Reagan might be able to get a fresh start away from California. But, Regan doesn’t seem to be taking the move well – becoming increasingly withdrawn and violent ever since the move.

Profession… middle school student. Regan is still only 12 years old, and hasn’t quite left the innocence of childhood.

Interests… arts, crafts, and her mother. Throughout her life Regan has been a sweet and dutiful daughter, doting on her mother with flowers and lovingly crafted works of art. However, recently Regan doesn’t seem interested in anything but spending time with her new invisible friend, “Captain Howdy.”

Relationship Status… single. Regan is 12 years old and hasn’t begun to take an interest in boys yet.

Challenge… surviving demonic possession. At first, Chris blamed Regan’s uncharacteristic crude behavior on the move, and then on a potential neurological problem. But, it’s becoming clear that something more insidious is at work. Regan’s body is hosting a powerful demon determined to corrupt her soul and torment her family. As Regan’s condition deteriorates and the demon grows more powerful, her protectors are forced to attempt a dangerous ritual – an exorcism – in order to save her life.

Personality… sweet, quiet, and obedient. Though, Reagan’s demonic possession has turned her usual personality on its head. Under the Devil’s influence, Regan is growing into a foul-mouthed and cruel creature possessing supernatural insight into the failures and sins of everyone around her. With every passing day, she becomes less like her sweet, 12 year old self, and more like an ageless evil force.

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