Reed Richards
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Reed Richards

Fantastic Four

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Grew up… in Central City, California, with his mother and brilliant father. Reed was a child prodigy from a young age, and entered college at the age of 14. By 20, he’d amassed a collection of degrees from Columbia, MIT, and Empire State University. Eager to advance the frontiers of science, Reed’s latest research involved examining a unique kind of cosmic radiation that might have played a key role in accelerating the evolution of life on Earth.

Living… with newfound amazing powers. Reed’s research culminated in a trip into outer space to observe a passing cloud of cosmic radiation. Susan Storm, her brother Johnny, and Reed's best friend Ben Grimm, accompanied Reed into the mission. However, he underestimated his spacecraft’s ability to shield them from cosmic radiation, and all four crewmembers were exposed to a lethal dose of the mysterious radiation. Much to their surprise, the radiation didn’t kill them but instead gave them incredible powers. Reed gained the power to stretch his body into any shape. He subsequently and declared himself the leader of the Fantastic Four, a superhero team dedicated to the betterment of mankind.

Profession… professional scientist moonlighting as a superhero. While Reed’s gotten good at beating up bad guys, his primary strength is his mind. Capable of creating inventions that other scientists can only dream of, Reed’s work frequently makes the seemingly impossible possible.

Interests… science, improving the world, Sue Storm, and more science. Exceptional from an early age, Reed feels a responsibility to use his gifts for the betterment of mankind. Still, even he struggles to spend all of his time in the lab. While at times cold and methodical, Reed cares deeply for his family (particularly for his lovely teammate and friend Sue Storm).

Relationship status… drawn to the irresistibly lovely Sue Storm. The two originally met years ago, and have always had a mutual attraction. For the first time ever, the timing might be right for them to explore something deeper – assuming Doctor Doom doesn’t blow them both up first.

Challenge… saving the world from Doctor Doom. The same accident that gave the Fantastic Four their powers cost Victor von Doom his company, disfigured his face, and left him with the power to manifest control over lightning. Blaming Reed for his tragedy, Victor von Doom is determined to destroy the Fantastic Four and put the world under his metallic boot.

Personality… intelligent, calm, and detached. Reed strives to be scientific and methodical in everything that he does. This dispassionate personality creates a sense of distance between him and his comrades – but there is no doubt that Reed loves every member of his team and would do almost anything for them. A big-picture guy, Reed always tries to consider the possible consequences of his actions and prioritize the greater good.

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