Ree Dolly
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Ree Dolly

Winter's Bone

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About Her

Grew up… quicker than most. Ree was raised in abject poverty. Her father has been absent most of her life and her mother has problems of her own, struggling with addiction and depression. From a young age Ree has essentially acted as a mother to her younger siblings, meaning that she had to mature at a very young age.

Living… in rural Appalachia. Ree’s family, like many in the area, is dirt poor. The only thing they have of real value is their house, and now that her father’s gotten involved in the methamphetamine trade, the largest local economy, it looks like they might lose that too.

Profession… de-facto guardian of her two younger siblings. Despite being only 17, Ree is essentially the parent of the home. She looks after her siblings, providing food and teaching lessons of self-sufficiency that she’s had to pick up herself over the years, including chopping wood and skinning squirrels for food. Her advice is often stoic: “Never ask for what oughta be offered.”

Interests… the well-being of her family. It would be wrong to reduce Ree’s survivalist skills to the status of”‘hobby.” She’s using these skills to literally survive.

Relationship Status… single. Though Ree is young and attractive, it’s unlikely that the kind of man she would consider as a prospective partner lives anywhere near where she is now. Besides, she has her hands full right now.

Challenge… protecting her siblings and keeping their home. After Ree’s father skips out on bail, the county threatens to take the only home that Ree and her siblings have ever known. In order to locate her father, Ree must journey through swamps, backwoods, and the underbelly of the local meth trade. It’s a harrowing and dangerous task, but Ree has no choice.

Personality… determined, independent, and responsible. Ree knows how to live with her back up against the wall. She’s resourceful and smart; where there don’t seem to be any options left, she invents new ones. More than anything, she loves her family. As she tells her little brother and sister, “I'd be lost without the weight of you two on my back.”

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