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Grew Up... in a traditional 1950s home. Her mother was deferential to her father and acted passive-aggressively towards Rebecca and her sister.

Living... in 1980s Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she is frequently overwhelmed.

Profession... a full-time mom. And that’s no small task. Rebecca is raising “The Big Three,” three kids who are all the same age, each with their owns needs and problems. Two are her biological twins, Kevin and Kate. The third is her adopted son, Randall, whom she and her husband welcomed into their family when their third triplet died in childbirth. Randall was abandoned at a fire station on the very same day, and Jack and Rebecca decided adopting him was their fate. Although Rebecca once dreamed of being a singer, her busy parenting schedule leaves little time for that.

Interests... singing and rooting on her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers. Rebecca didn’t always love football, but when she started dating Jack she decided to understand his love of the game. As she puts it, “I refuse to be my mother staring at my father staring at the television.” Under his tutelage, she grows to be one of the biggest Steelers fans around.

Relationship Status... happily married. Though they have their ups and downs, Jack and Rebecca have a solid marriage based on love and mutual respect.

Challenge... raising her family. Rebecca always wants to parent at a 9 out of 10 because, as she puts it,  “They are cute kids, and they deserve nine-parents.” But she frequently finds herself at a 6. She often feels overwhelmed as she tries to manage Kate’s weight, Randall’s identity issues over being a black boy in an all-white family, and Kevin’s fears of being invisible. She tries to be a superwoman who can do it all, but she’s not above asking for help when she really needs it.

Personality... warm, playful, anxious, and fiercely protective. Though she was more of a free spirit in her youth, Rebecca had to grow up fast when she learned she was having triplets. She’s fiercely protective of her family and fearful of something driving them apart, especially because of Randall’s unusual adoption. She spends a lot of time worrying about her kids and making difficult decisions for them, but it always comes from a place of love. 

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