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Rebecca Ahn

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About Her

Living… in Indian Hills, a suburb next to the Mecca of show business, Los Angeles. Rebecca’s mom goes away for business trips often. This means she has a lot of time alone, without supervision. Boredom can be dangerous when mixed with complete freedom. 

Profession… high school student. Rebecca can’t wait to graduate so she can go to the Fashion Institute of Design in New York – just like her idols from The Hills. After that she’ll hopefully land an internship at Teen Vogue, get her own fragrance line, and eventually a talk show. 

Interests… celebrity culture, the trashier the better. She loves gossip tabloids and reality television. In fact, she loves celebrities so much, she likes to “visit” their houses while they’re away and take (O.K., “steal”) whatever’s around. She’s not sure what she likes more – the free stuff or the thrill of getting away with it. 

Relationship Status... none for now, other than imagined romances with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. Rebecca loves herself far too much to have room for anyone else. 

Challenge… getting away with it. Rebecca left L.A. to stay with her father when she saw the story break on TMZ. She’d finally made it onto the site, but it was as a person of interest in a string of Hollywood burglaries. The detectives came knocking that same day. 

Personality… impressionable. She wants nothing more than to be close to fame and power. Even infamy will suffice at this point. It all felt so surreal while it was happening that the potential consequences seemed imaginary. People would understand, she thought. Who wouldn’t want to go to Paris Hilton’s house? 

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