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Living... as the Queen of Country in Nashville, Tennessee. She’s been on top of the charts for twenty years, has two daughters and a husband on the cusp of a mayoral run.

Profession... country singer and Nashville’s sweetheart – in the 90s, at least. Her record label wants her to reinvent herself to keep up with the Juliette Barnes, a younger songstress who fuses country with pop music. The pressure only increases when Barnes steals Deacon away – her guitarist, co-songwriter and ex-flame.

Interests… writing, performing, and raising a strong and independent pair of daughters. Each of those is getting tougher every day – with the local newspapers claiming that her husband is cheating, and her oldest daughter discovering that Deacon might be her biological father.

Relationship Status... married to Teddy for now. Rayna thinks her father might be pulling the strings on her husband’s mayoral run, and it truly seems as if Teddy might be having an affair. And to make matters worse, Rayna just found out that Teddy has been lying about their finances. What else could he be hiding?

Challenge... feeling that her best days may be behind her. She is growing older in a business obsessed with youth. And she is growing apart from her husband as he enters a career where everyone wants to tear you down. Rayna prefers performing in the spotlight, not putting on a smile and standing by her husband as he announces his candidacy. And, can she make a hit record after her last one flopped? Or, will her label let her make the album she wants to make?

Personality... fierce and sharp. Rayna doesn’t take crap from anyone. When the label asks her to tour with Barnes, she tells an executive, “You can kiss my decision as it’s walking out the door” and leaves. Nobody tells the Queen of Country what to do.

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