Rayna Boyanov
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Rayna Boyanov


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Overview... daughter of a Russian arms dealer who is ready to take over the family business. It’s not like she had much of a choice – her father was killed by a CIA agent who accidentally sneezed while gaining information from him. Rayna’s father knew the location of a suitcase nuclear device and the CIA believes she knows where it is as well. She also knows the identities of many top CIA operatives, so they send out the unassuming and unknown Susan Cooper, a desk employee, out into the field for the first time.

Personality... confident, fearless, and merciless. Much like her father, Rayna is unafraid to murder to maintain her level of power and life of ultra wealth and luxury. She hasn’t taken her status for granted though – she’s sharp, and immediately recognizes Susan Cooper as a possible CIA agent. She has to keep Susan around, though, to get intel on the CIA’s plan to take her down. But once she’s done with Susan, she’ll dispose of her like she has so many other enemies. In cold blood.

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