Raymond Smith

Raymond Smith

    The Gentlemen

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in the United Kingdom. Raymond owns a large, luxurious estate where he lives by himself. Smith also travels to various locations around the United Kingdom, depending on the task that are assigned to him. 

Profession… righthand man of Mickey Pearson, one of the most powerful drug lords in Europe. Raymond is excellent in business and combat; he is willing to do anything for Mickey. Often, his tasks require him to get his hands dirty, unleashing kidnappings, beatings and intimidation methods on anyone who tries to mess with the business. Raymond’s loyalty over the years has made his name well-known in the drug business, and he has a target on his back as a result. He is a master tactician and is the second most important man in Mickey’s organization.

Interests… marijuana—selling as well as consuming. Mickey likes his joints only a certain way: “I don't build a joint like the Americans in the new school. Back strapping, jock strap and coke wrapping all that bollocks. I like a good old fashioned 50/50 mix me that's how we used to play.”

Challenge… protecting Mickey and his business. When a nosy private investigator named Fletcher claims to have substantial evidence that will lead to the downfall of everyone in Mickey’s business, Raymond tries to navigate the delicate situation. As Fletcher recounts some of the crimes Raymond has committed while doing work for Mickey, Smith begins to feel as though he is running out of options. As new problems arise, Raymond needs to figure out a way to clear Mickey’s name so the deal with Berger can still happen and everyone can come out safely. Since protecting Mickey is his main objective, he makes sure to get rid of all evidence or possible witnesses. 

Personality… intelligent, strategic, and efficient. Raymond possesses all the qualities you would want a righthand man to have; his loyalty to Mickey is exemplary. Calm, cool and collected, Smith is all business and can carry out terrifying missions without breaking a sweat. Raymond not only fights with weapons, but he also fights with his words.


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