Raymond Babbitt
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Raymond Babbitt

Rain Man

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About Him

Grew Up… with his younger brother Charlie, at least for a time. Raymond would help the infant Charlie bathe in the tub. But due to Raymond’s autism, he wasn’t able to properly care for his little brother and the two of them were soon separated.

Living… in a mental institution. Raymond’s day-to-day needs are taken care of there, as he is deemed unfit to look after himself. When his estranged father dies, Raymond inherits most of his multi-million dollar estate. Then his long-lost brother Charlie comes out of the woodwork, as he received almost nothing from their father. Charlie was unaware that Raymond even existed and doesn’t know how to handle the realization that he has an older brother.

Profession… none. Raymond’s condition is such that he must be taken care of by professionals. He is unable to hold a job because he struggles with everyday tasks.

Interests… the Beatles, K-Mart (where he buys his favorite underwear), watching The People’s Court on TV, his routines, and counting. Raymond can instantly count hundreds of toothpicks the moment they fall out of their container, among other amazing mathematical feats.

Relationship Status… single. Raymond’s autism is severely debilitating of his social skills and so he has been unable to get to know women very well. Luckily, Charlie’s beautiful girlfriend Susanna likes Raymond and dances with him.

Challenge… reconnecting with his brother Charlie. Slowly but surely, Raymond begins to grow on Charlie. Although Charlie is a selfish man who seems to care only about making money, the two brothers have some enjoyable adventures together – even if Raymond throws a tantrum whenever Charlie tries to get him to fly in an airplane.

Personality… routine-driven, socially inept, and calm – until one of his habits is broken. Raymond repeats himself as well as the words he hears people speak around him. Although he loves K-Mart, if you tell him that K-Mart sucks, he will nod and repeat, “Yeah. K-Mart sucks,” about 10 times. But there’s something very endearing about his innocence and very specific way of doing things, and even a grouch like Charlie can learn to love him for who he is.

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