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Ray Ploshansky


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Living… in Brooklyn, New York on whatever couch is available. He was crashing at his girlfriend Shoshanna's place without paying any rent. When he wasn't staying there, he was usually sleeping in his car. He eventually gets his own place, though.

Profession… manager at Grumpy’s, a local coffee shop. Ray has the thing closest to a real job in comparison to any of his friends. He was offered the managerial position after his boss fell ill. While he initially questioned his leadership abilities, he eventually accepted the position because he knew it was a good opportunity. He gave Hannah a job there and, while he constantly criticizes her lack of work ethic, he’s generally forgiving and sympathetic to her flaws.

Interests... reading, writing, acting intellectually superior to his younger group of friends.

Relationship Status... complicated. Ray starts dating Shoshanna, who is twelve years younger than him. But their age difference and her lack of experience is a source of constant tension between them, as are his negativity and lack of outside interests. Ray often feels undeserving of her love, and even says, “What makes me worth dating?”

Challenge… getting his life together. In his early 30s, he is homeless and lacking any direction. With time he picks himself up off the ground and gets his own apartment, all while developing an interest in film. His constant negativity can alienate those around him, but he begins to see the errors of his ways.

Personality… sarcastic, dry, and cynical. While Ray enjoys criticizing everyone around him, he reserves plenty of hatred for himself.  He’s pessimistic and disillusioned, yet is somehow still loveable. He cares deeply about his close friends and does his best to help them through various sticky situations.

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