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Ray Kinsella

Field of Dreams

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About Him

Living… in Iowa, because it's the farthest place Ray could think of from where he grew up: New York City. He never liked the farm lifestyle but he’s grown accustomed to it. He thinks it's good for a man to be in the quiet, and living out there allows him to hear the world better.

Profession… working on a baseball field he was compelled to build. Roy was about to become a farmer when he began to hear a voice encouraging him to create a baseball field. Now, nothing can get in his way.

Interests… accosting Terence Mann, the Pulitzer Prize winning author, into revealing the secrets behind the voice. Mann knows a lot about baseball, particularly Shoeless Joe Jackson, whose ghost is coming to visit Ray at night when he’s out on the field.

Relationship Status… in a devoted marriage. He wouldn't have made it through all this craziness alone. While Karin supports Ray, she expects an explanation once it’s all over.

Challenge… building the field despite dwindlingmoney and credibility. No one wants to be a part of Ray’s crazy pipe dream. Indeed, many people think that Ray’s insane for trying to build the field. With Ray solely focused on the field, he has missed several mortgage payments. Now, the bank is looking to foreclose their property. Ray’s life is falling apart, all because of the voice he started to hear.

Personality… crazy, focused, and determined. Nobody understands what’s gotten into Ray, or why he’s willing to go to such great lengths to finish the field. Neighbors certainly have their reasons to judge, but according to Ray, they understand everything soon enough.

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