Ray Hueston
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Ray Hueston

Bored to Death

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About Him

Grew up… never. Ray, for a man in his late 20s, is extremely childlike and silly. “I never should have started dating a woman with kids,” he says. “I have to be the only child in a woman’s life.”

Living… most of his life stoned. From his home base in Brooklyn, N.Y., Ray likes to smoke a bit of weed now and then. He finds that it helps him get deep inside his own head, which is important for an artist. Among his insights: “When I get high I realize that I clench my anus.”

Profession… comic book artist. Ray is known for creating the character “Super Ray,” a crime-fighting superhero who fights the bad guys with his oversized penis. Ray finds inspiration from drugs and alcohol, much like his friend Jonathan. “Well, you gotta write something,” he says to Jonathan. “I did my best work hung over. I have less brain cells to confuse the issues.”

Interests… hanging out with his best friend, Jonathan Ames. The two share an interest in booze, pot and art.

Relationship Status… dating Leah, an on-and-off girlfriend who only seems to make Ray’s life more difficult than it should be. Leah acts as Ray’s disapproving mother, often reminding him of his financial difficulties.

Challenge… facing reality. Ray’s stupidity is his own worst enemy. He has difficulty facing life’s real problems, and is prone to violent outbursts whenever he feels threatened. “My brain is attacking itself!” he exclaims.

Personality… sweet and loyal. Ray’s childlike demeanor and his dedication to his friend Jonathan make him easy to like. He’s an uncomplicated stoner who’s trying to make it in the world as a comic book artist. It would be churlish to root against him.

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