Ray Holt

Ray Holt

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Brooklyn with his husband, Kevin, and his husband’s dog, Cheddar. Cheddar recently had relations with the neighbor’s dog, Karate, resulting in what the far-from-cuddly Holt refers to as “two smaller dogs.” The rest of the world would call them “puppies.”

Profession... captain in the Ninety-Ninth Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn. After many years of valiant service, Holt was finally promoted to Captain. It almost certainly would have happened much sooner if he wasn’t openly gay. Now that he finally has the position of authority he deserves, Capt. Holt is determined to be the best commanding officer in the NYPD. He knows that there are doubters who hope he’ll fail, so he can’t afford to slip up.

Interests... rules. He runs the precinct completely by the book, often literally consulting the police regulations handbook when necessary. He is extremely proud of running a "tight ship." Even when Det. Jake Peralta asks to work more cases, Holt doesn’t budge: “You have done exemplary work, which I appreciate. However, cases will be assigned as they usually are."

Relationship Status... married to his husband Kevin. Capt. Holt is the first openly gay captain on the force, which he's proud of.

Challenge... maintaining his stern exterior while acting as a mentor to the officers under his command. Capt. Holt is a naturally serious and typically stone-faced man, but the added pressure he puts on himself as a trailblazer can make him even more rigid. Yet he knows that to get the most out of his team, he must show at least some flexibility and warmth. He often tries to find the ideal amount of leniency he can allow to keep his staff motivated and happy. This is especially hard considering some of his detectives would go completely wild with too much leeway – especially Det. Jake Peralta.

Personality... taciturn and stern on the surface but warm and caring underneath. (Sometimes way underneath.) Capt. Holt can come off as strict and humorless, such as when he responds to a detective who jokes, "Your wish is my command" with: "That wasn't a wish, that was a command. My command is your command." He is rarely seen smiling – no matter how hard Jake tries – and prides himself on being cool and collected. But when he lets his guard down, he often gives candid and wise advice.


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