Ray Ferrier
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Ray Ferrier

War of the Worlds

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About Him

Living… alone in Brooklyn. Ray, cynical and depressed, is living the lonely life of a divorcee.

Profession… crane operator at the Brooklyn docks. The working-class Ray is not impressed by his ex-wife’s newfound wealth. He keeps quiet, though, because he’s glad that his children are getting the kind of education that he can’t provide them with.

Interests… his children. Ray doesn’t see his family much, so he tries to make the best possible effort whenever he does get a chance to spend time with them. Ray has an especially difficult time relating to his rebellious teenage son, Robbie. “You can hate me, but I love you!” Ray tells him.

Relationship Status… divorced. Ray’s ex-wife, Mary Ann, has decided to visit her parents in Boston, which means that Ray is looking after the kids for the weekend.

Challenge… keeping his children safe. When Earth finds itself under attack by extraterrestrial invaders, Ray’s paternal instincts take over as he desperately tries to rush them to safety. He has to find a way to get from New York to Boston in order to reunite with his ex-wife and get his children to a safe hiding place before the monstrous alien machines destroy human civilization.

Personality… caring and protective. Ray’s relationship with his children is undergoing the ultimate test under these extreme conditions. He has to find a way to keep them all together, regardless of the bad blood that exists between him and his son.

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