My Little Pony

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... not quite as well-bred as she would have preferred. A resident of Ponyville all her life, Rarity grew up in a family that did not quite share her love for high culture and haute couture. While she loves them deeply, Rarity can't help but be a little embarrassed by her lowbrow parents. 

Living... in Ponyville, a small town in the kingdom of Equestria. Although not quite as large as Canterlot, Equestria's capital and the place to be for any aspiring society pony, Ponyville has its own charms – mainly in the form of Rarity's best friends, who all live nearby.

Profession... seamstress at the Carousel Boutique, which she owns and operates. While not quite the hub of culture Canterlot would be, Ponyville still has plenty of work for Rarity, and she's always happy for a chance to improve her friends' wardrobes.

Interests... dresses, jewelry, and high culture. As a filly, Rarity discovered her love of fashion early on, and she's been dreaming of the day her designs will dazzle Canterlot ever since.

Relationship Status... single. Spike, Twilight Sparkle's baby dragon assistant, has a crush on her, and while Rarity enjoys Spike's company, she sees him little more as "my little Spikey-wikey" than as a potential Prince Charming.

Challenge... infiltrating Equestria's upper crust, where she rightfully belongs. Entering Equestria's elite isn't an easy task, but Rarity's refined tastes and fashion sense mean she has a strong chance at succeeding. Whether high society will be as welcoming towards Rarity's old friends, however, is another question altogether.

Personality... sophisticated, appearance-conscious, and creative. A talented dressmaker, Rarity's keen eye for beauty is only matched by her appreciation for elite society. While her love for high culture leads to occasional vanity, Rarity is also deeply generous, willing to sacrifice even her beauty for the sake of others. When her friends need dresses for a gala, Rarity immediately offers to make and remake them to perfection, reassuring the other ponies, "you're my friends, and I want you to be 110% satisfied."


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