Raoul Duke
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Raoul Duke

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

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About Him

Overview... a drug-addled journalist on a wild trip to Vegas in search of the American Dream. Fashioning himself as a Doctor of Journalism, he’s been tasked with covering The Mint 400 – the richest off-road race for motorcycles. But like all his stories, it’s not really what he’s reporting on, but how he’s reporting on it that takes precedence. And for that, he needs drugs – lots and lots of drugs.

Personality... manic, volatile, and brilliant. He’s been like this for years – though the years tend to blur. He never really got over the ‘60s. It seems like a lifetime since the hippies lost, and it seems like something died with them. While not a hippie himself, Raoul took the subculture’s hedonism, mixed it with the beatniks’ restless search for meaning, added a bunch of uppers and barbiturates, and turned everything up to 11, all for our reading pleasure.

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