Rankin Fitch
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Rankin Fitch

Runaway Jury

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About Him

Overview… an expert in profiling people. When a large gun manufacturer is sued for negligence after a shooting rampage in an office building, Rankin Fitch is called in by the defense attorney to consult on the case. Rankin’s job is to illegally spy on the jurors and ensure the verdict goes in the firearms manufacturers’ favor, which proves more difficult than he expected when someone else starts manipulating the jury as well.

Personality… gifted with an extraordinary knack for observation. Rankin can tell his cabbie’s mother is sick just by riding silently in the cab. However, this ability means he doesn’t handle surprises well and acts out angrily when unexpected events ruin his plans. He observes polite formalities in daily interaction, but you best not get between him and his goals – or you’ll see just how committed he is to getting his way. 

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