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Randy Taylor

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About Him

Living... in Detroit with his parents and two brothers. Being the middle child is not always easy for Randy, and he fights with his brothers constantly. Nevertheless, he knows the Taylor household is a loving one.

Profession... high school student. Randy writes for his school newspaper and has developed an interest in environmental and civil rights issues.

Interests... acting up, pulling pranks, and cracking jokes. Through cancer scares and deaths in the Taylor family, Randy always tries to cheer people up and keep them laughing. His love of performing for his family develops into an interest in acting, which his mom encourages.

Relationship Status... involved with his classmate, Lauren. They share interests in journalism and the environment and even travel to Costa Rica together for an environmental study.

Challenge... learning to see eye-to-eye with his father, Tim. As a child, Randy looked up to his father. But as Randy has gotten older and more mature, he is starting to drift away. Randy has no interest in the things his father obsesses over, like cars and tools. He even tells his father, "You're a sellout. But then to be a sellout, you'd have to have principles to begin with."

Personality... sarcastic, playful, passionate, and caring. Like many teenagers, Randy feels misunderstood and worries he’ll never relate to his parents.

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