Randy Robinson
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Randy Robinson

The Wrestler

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About Him

Grew Up… in the 1980s. It was the height of America’s obsession with wrestling and heavy metal music. Randy looks back with fondness to the days of Guns ‘n Roses, Motley Crue and Def Leppard, before Kurt Cobain “had to come around and ruin it all,” as he likes to say.

Living… way past his prime. Randy lives in suburban New Jersey, and splits his time between his day job at a supermarket, his weekend wrestling matches, and the local strip club.

Profession… former wrestling celebrity. Today “The Ram” only wrestles in minor promotional matches. In order to make ends meet, he’s been forced to take a job at a supermarket under a demeaning, cruel boss.

Interests… living life in the fast lane. The aging Randy still behaves like he’s in his 20s. A man with a heart condition shouldn’t be getting drunk, doing drugs, or (especially) wrestling.

Relationship Status… lonely. Randy sees something special in his favorite stripper, Cassidy. She’s also a bit too old for her job; a little bit past her prime.

Challenge… reconciling with his estranged daughter and coming to terms with his failed wrestling career. Randy hates being alone in middle age. He has many regrets about the way he lived his life, and wants to do something to set things right. He says, “I’m an old broken down piece of meat… and I’m all alone. And I deserve to be all alone.”

Personality… sweet, kind, and sorrowful. Randy’s loneliness is palpable. His muscular physique and hard-drinking ways are just masks that hide his true inner sadness.

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