Randle Patrick McMurphy
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Randle Patrick McMurphy

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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About Him

Living... in and out of jail in Oregon. Randall has been arrested a number of times for assault and battery. This time, he was sentenced to six months for statutory rape. He claims the girl was a very willing participant who said she was 18, but she was only 15.

Visiting... what he calls “the looney bin.” Randall thought it would be easier to serve his time in a state mental hospital, so he pretended to be crazy. As Randall is getting to know the other patients, he is realizing that they may be feigning madness as well – though for a different reason. They seem too scared to live in the real world, so they have voluntarily committed themselves. But as he says to one fellow patient, “You're no crazier than the average asshole out walkin' around on the streets.”

Interests... drinking booze, going fishing, playing basketball, and watching the World Series – all of which are forbidden by the domineering Nurse Ratched. He is trying to get the other patients to protest with him, but the others are hesitant to say anything. In fact, Chief Bromden, a Native American, hasn’t even opened up his mouth since Randall has been there. And the others are too drugged up with tranquilizers to even know what is going on.

Relationship Status… single. Randall likes the ladies, and they like him too. But since there are no available women in the hospital, Randall has devised a plan that involves smuggling some booze and prostitutes into the hospital for a late-night party unlike any other.

Challenge... dealing with the bane of his existence: Nurse Ratched. She cares more about rules and regulations than she cares about the wellbeing of her patients. Randall is fed up with her and all the tranquilizers she gives him and the other patients to shut them up. Randall thinks it is time to stand up to her and asks the other patients “Which one of you nuts has got any guts?” It’s going to be a bitter showdown.

Personality... rebellious, volatile, charismatic, cocky, and life loving. Randall is a free-spirited leader whose mission in life seems to be raising as much hell as possible. He’s rude and crude, but he also has a softer side he probably wouldn’t ever admit to. Randall genuinely cares about the other patients and will do anything to help them. 

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