Randi Chandler
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Randi Chandler

Manchester By The Sea

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About Her

Overview... ex-wife of Lee Chandler, a Quincy, Mass., janitor. After Lee returns to Manchester by the Sea after his brother’s death to take care of his recently orphaned nephew Patrick, Randi reaches out to reconnect. Lee isn’t ready, though. Their divorce was born out of tragedy and seeing Randi while in the midst of another might be too much for Lee to process. 

Personality... caring, funny, and loving. She wasn’t always a fan of Lee’s friends coming over to party late at night while their children slept, but she could hold her own in yelling at them to leave. Years later, she’s gentler with Lee, years past a horrible tragedy that led to the end of their marriage. She’s remarried and wants closure, as hard as it might be to achieve.

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