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Grew Up... as member of “The Big Three.” Randall’s crack-addict biological father abandoned him at a fire station after his biological mother died. Randall was almost immediately adopted by Jack and Rebecca Pearson, a white couple who had lost one of their triplets in childbirth that same day. So Randall grew up as a Pearson alongside his adopted brother and sister, biological twins Kate and Kevin.

Living... contentedly, in New Jersey. Randall has done very well in his life. He’s happily married to his wife Beth and raising two daughters, Annie and Tess.

Profession... a weather commodities trader. Though no one in his family really knows what that is, Randall’s job allows him to provide for his family and keep them in comfort and luxury. And more importantly, he really likes it. As he explains, “My dad put on a tie everyday because he had to. I put one on because I want to.”

Interests... learning to play piano, which he’s terrible at.

Relationship Status... happily married. Beth and Randall have a rock-solid relationship. They love and trust one another and tackle each and every problem as a unit. They have open communication and never keep secrets from each other. 

Challenge... getting to know his biological father. On his 36th birthday, Randall manages to track down his biological dad, William Hill. Alternately furious and curious, Randall finds himself impulsively inviting William to live in his home. As he puts it, “Everything I want to say or do around this man, I do the opposite.” Though he resents his biological father for abandoning him, he also wants to make a connection with the man whose DNA he shares. Especially once he learns that William has stage-four stomach cancer.

Personality... mature, responsible, and slightly neurotic. Randall is a put-together family man who constantly strives to be a source of stability for everyone around him. But every once in a while the pressure gets to be too much, and he bubbles over with pent-up anxiety. For the most part, however, Randall is a warm, kind provider.

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