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About Her

Living... in New York City, center of the universe.

Profession... stripper. In the early 2000s, Ramona was the star performer at a high-end strip club called Moves. She took naïve young dancer Destiny under her wing and they became a dynamic duo. Most of their clientele were Wall Street businessmen, however, so when the 2008 financial crash hit, the glamorous club crumbled into a shell of its former self.

Interests... designer handbags, champagne, and creating her own line of swimwear.

Relationship Status... single mom. Ramona’s daughter Juliet is the love of her life. Juliet’s dad isn’t in the picture, so Ramona’s work—and some of her loyal clients—pay for their upscale lifestyle. As she puts it, “I just want my daughter to be able to do whatever she wants, you know?… I swear, I’d do anything for this kid. Motherhood is a mental illness.”

Challenge... supporting her family. After the financial crash hits and her industry collapses, Ramona comes up with a new scheme to support herself and her daughter: Drugging clients and running up their credit cards with charges they’ll be too embarrassed dispute. Since they’re the immoral Wall Street guys who caused the devastating nation-wide recession in the first place, Ramona doesn’t feel too bad about her criminal behavior. As she puts it, “This game is rigged. And it does not reward people who play by the rules. You either got to stand in the corner or get in the ring.” However, once she gets a taste for how easily she can scam people, she wants to keep pushing things further and further.

Personality... glamorous and ferocious. Ramona has a zest for life and a magnetic presence. She’s confident, flirtatious, and an absolute beast on the dance floor. She has a knack for sensing what people need and knowing just how to deliver it to them. Ramona’s ambitions are sky-high and she can sometimes be a bit selfish or shortsighted in her methods. Yet Ramona also has a warm, maternal side as well. She feels compelled to take care of lost souls, sometimes to her own detriment. She treats her friends as her family.

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