Raleigh Becket
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Raleigh Becket

Pacific Rim

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About Him

Grew Up… in Anchorage, Alaska with his older brother, Yancy, his younger sister, Jazmine, and their parents. His father worked on dams as a hydraulic engineer, and Raleigh and his brother were always very close. They were a happy family until Raleigh’s mother died from cancer, and the first Kaiju (a giant amphibious monster from another dimension) attacked the Earth. After their father abandoned them in grief, Yancy and Raleigh enrolled in the Jaegar Academy, a program designed to combat the invading Kaiju creatures.

Living… in Anchorage, Alaska. Raleigh has returned home after a tragic incident forced him to quit the Jaegar Program, despite being one of the best pilots in the world.

Visiting… Hong Kong. Raleigh was recently called upon to serve at the Hong Kong Shatterdome (a headquarters of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, or the PPDC).

Profession… dam builder, and former Jaeger pilot. Raleigh and his brother were elite Ranger co-pilots who worked together using the powerful mental connection of “drifting” to control the giant mecha robot weapons called Jaegers. Yancy and Raleigh’s Jaeger was called “Gipsy Danger,” and the two became the defenders along the Alaskan coastline. However, after his brother died in the middle of an intense battle with a category III Kaiju called “Knifehead,” Raleigh quit the PPDC and went to work on dams like his father.

Relationship Status… single. Raleigh has been depressed and bitter since his brother’s death, and hasn’t really been interested in forming relationships with anybody. The person he was closest to was Yancy, and the two were so close that they shared their most personal memories together while drifting. However, Raleigh just met Pentecost’s adopted daughter, Mako Mori, and the two seem to be forming a close bond as comrades. 

Challenge… protecting Earth from the Kaiju. When Stacker Pentecost, a Marshal in the PPDC, comes to ask Raleigh to return to his old job as a pilot now that the Kaiju are becoming more threatening to humanity, he begrudgingly agrees. But after the death of his brother, Raleigh needs to find the right partner to be his co-pilot in order to successfully control a Jaeger once more. Surprisingly, it seems that Pentecost’s daughter Mako might just have what it takes to be “drift compatible” with him.

Personality… impulsive, headstrong, compassionate, and loyal. Though Raleigh sometimes gets a little hotheaded and cocky around the other arrogant pilots, he’s an honest, trustworthy, and skilled pilot who works hard and proves to be a very scrappy and brave hero. After the loss of his brother, Raleigh has become more reserved and lonely, preferring to be left alone, and his ego’s a little smaller as a result.

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