Raistlin Majere

Raistlin Majere

    Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… feeling resentment. Always a sickly child, Raistlin was raised in the town of Solace bullied and unloved while his boisterous twin brother, Caramon, was always strong and popular. Raistlin, however, compensated for his physical weakness with fierce intellect. As a child he drew the attention of an archmage, who personally sponsored Raistlin through mage school to learn magic.

Living… on the road. Five years ago, a group of friends went in search of the true gods, but failed to find anything. They’ve regrouped back in Solace, but unfortunately, they’re soon attacked. Now, Raistlin and the rest of the group are traveling once again, trying to avoid death and defeat forces of evil.

Profession… mage. Raistlin is an unusually talented Red Mage, making him neutral on the scale of good and evil. Ever since his final Test, however, his health has been completely destroyed, and he suffers from a racking cough. But in exchange, Raistlin has golden skin that protects him from magic and hourglass eyes that force him to see time’s effects on everything he looks at.

Interests… magic and herbalism. Raistlin clings to magic as the sole thing that makes him important. However, he also has an interest in medicine, whether it’s to ease his own poor health or to save others from plague.

Relationship Status… single, and likely to remain so. Raistlin believes he’s incapable of love after going through his magical education – people are a lot less attractive when you constantly see them rotting through hourglass eyes.

Challenge… rising through the ranks. Raistlin’s ambition knows no bounds. While his friends want to defeat the forces of evil to save the world, he wants to defeat them because it will increase his power.

Personality… sarcastic, ambitious, and arrogant. Raistlin believes that he is more intelligent than just about anyone – which is mostly true – and he looks down on others because of this. Still, that doesn't stop Raistlin from being jealous of his twin brother Caramon for his strength and ability able to get along with others. And while he would sacrifice most people without hesitation, Raistlin does have compassion for the downtrodden and often feels regret for the past, when he was capable of more emotions.


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