Raineesha Williams
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Raineesha Williams

Reno 911

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About Her

Living… fully on her own terms, speaking in the third person all the while. What Raineesha wants, Raineesha gets. And when Raineesha doesn’t get what Raineesha wants? That never happens.

Profession… deputy for the Reno Sheriff’s Department. Williams is by far the least motivated member of the department. Though openly Catholic, she converted to the Nation of Islam in an attempt to take a leave from work for Ramadan. Her preferred weapon is mace because according to Deputy Jones, she’s not allowed to keep her pistol loaded.

Relationship Status… single. Many years ago, Williams dated Deputy Jones, and she once hooked up with Deputy Garcia in a hot tub. She has three children and brags that she doesn’t know the names of any of the fathers.

Challenge… workplace racial insensitivity. She is astounded by how casually her colleagues throw around slurs. Her attitude towards her co-workers is summed up by four words she says all the time: “White people are crazy.”

Personality… self-obsessed, obnoxious, and extremely confident. Williams is typically concerned first and foremost with her physical appearance and in a distance last place: what other people think. She looks good because she wants to – not because she has ever cared about your opinion.




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