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Rafael Solano

Jane the Virgin

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Grew Up… very, very, very wealthy. His hotel mogul father was able to provide him with everything he could want – except for true emotional care. After Rafael’s mother left when he was just four years old, he was raised by a string of stepmothers, so Rafael’s upbringing was far from stable.

Living… in the lap of luxury in Miami. He has a tumultuous relationship with his father after his troubled upbringing, but he’s very close to his sister Luisa, who’s a gynecologist.

Profession… hotel owner, or rather hotel mogul. Rafael is trying to prove to his doubting dad that he can be serious about his career and be a success.

Interests… women, partying… and more women. But, after a recent cancerous health scare, Rafael has had a change of heart and mindset. He’s realized that life is short, and so now he’s trying to better himself.

Relationship Status… marriedto the beautiful, but conniving, Petra. He doesn’t love her, but he’s staying with her because she stuck it out during his cancer. Years ago, he kissed a sweet waitress named Jane. Now she works in his hotel, and also happens to have been accidentally artificially inseminated with Rafael’s semen by Luisa and is pregnant. Let’s just say it’s complicated. But needless to say, Jane is in his life now too.

Challenge… dealing with cancer, a money-grubbing wife who he doesn’t love, and a new baby on the way being carried by an old (but younger) flame.

Personality… handsome, charismatic, and passionate. Rafael is aplayboy party boy who was reformed by dealing with cancer. Now he wants to get rid of bad things in his life and start to bring in some good, and it’s possible that Jane’s accidental pregnancy might provide the good he needs.

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