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Black Snake Moan

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Overview… a bonafide nymphomaniac. Rae is prone to episodes of overwhelming lust that push her to have sex with anything with a pulse. She’s able to control herself in the presence of her anxiety-ridden boyfriend, but ever since he was deployed overseas she’s gone totally off the deep end. Her uninterrupted spree of sex and drugs is cut short when she uncharacteristically refuses a man’s advances, is beaten and left at the side of the road. When she wakes up she’s in the home of Lazarus, a godly man who is determined to cure her of lustful affliction – even if that means holding her against her will.

Personality… crude, lustful, and deeply sad. Rae is the product of a lifetime of abuse. No one sees any value in her beyond her sex, and so she doesn’t either. While Lazarus’s methods (i.e. chaining her to a radiator) are extreme, physical restraint is the only thing that can stop her from immediately throwing herself back into the lifestyle that almost got her killed. Beneath her sex-crazed exterior, Rae is a loving person whose life has provided her with almost nothing worth caring about.

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