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Living… in New York in the flurry of concerts and dating and anxiety that comprise typical twenty-something life.

Profession… music PR something-or-other. Nobody, not even her friends or her grandma know exactly what she does – they just know she gets to go to a lot of really cool concerts.

Interests… parties, feminism, and mostly music. Even as a kid, Rachel was passionate about music. Although back when she was a teenager, her passion brought her on stage as opposed to backstage: she was the lead singer of her very own ska band.

Relationship Status… possibly getting back together with her ex-boyfriend who’s in Seattle. She’s not sure if it’ll work out, but she’s giving it another go. She also had a one-night stand with this cute guy Dev, and they keep running into each other. Maybe there’s something there… it’s complicated.

Challenge… figuring out who she is and what she wants. As she approaches 30, she’s becoming more scared that her life is passing her by and she’s not achieving all that she hoped she would. Self-actualization is hard.

Personality… sweet, light-hearted, and fun. But don’t mistake Rachel’s whimsical attitude for flightiness – she’s strong and holds fast to her beliefs, ready to fight equally as hard for the people she loves as for important causes.

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