Rachel Ferrier
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Rachel Ferrier

War of the Worlds

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About Her

Grew up… with divorced parents. The ten-year-old Rachel and her older brother Robbie have always been closer to their mother, Mary Ann, than to their biological father, Ray, who resides in Brooklyn.

Living…in suburban New Jersey with her mother and stepfather. Rachel and her brother attend private school, thanks to their stepfather’s generosity.

Visiting… her father at his home in Brooklyn. Rachel and her dad have a decent relationship, though she admits that she feels safer around Robbie than she does around Ray.

Interests… making her own way in the world. The headstrong Rachel, at only ten years old, is determined not to rely too much on her parents.

Challenge… staying alive. When a deadly army of extraterrestrials invades the planet, Rachel and her family have to run for their lives. The young Rachel is scared of the destruction taking place all around her. “Is it the terrorists?” she asks her father, unable to fathom the horrors all around her.

Personality… innocent, scared, and very loud. Rachel is, understandably, paralyzed with fear. She’s tougher than most kids her age, and smart enough to run instead of just scream, but it’ll take more than a little grit to survive an all-out alien invasion.

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