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Grew Up… in a laboratory, though Rachael doesn’t yet know that. She believes that she had a normal childhood with a normal family, though in reality, Rachael is an extremely advanced Nexus 6 Replicant, designed to appear “more human than human,” as the Tyrell Corporation’s motto goes.

Living… in a dystopian Los Angeles, at the Tyrell Corporation. Rachael has suspicions that she may not be like the other employees at Tyrell, though she has no real reason to believe otherwise until she submits to a Voigt-Kampff test— a test created to provoke normal human emotional responses— with the bounty hunter, Rick Deckard.

Profession… assistant to Dr. Eldon Tyrell, working for the very corporation that made her. While Rachael thinks she's simply helping the genius Dr. Tyrell, he's quietly watching over her and making notes on her emotional maturation.

Relationship Status… complicated. Rachael begins to get close with the Blade Runner that should be responsible for “retiring” her, Rick Deckard. Deckard helps lead Rachael to the truth of her existence: that she is actually an artificial cyborg with fake implanted memories that have led her to believe that she is human. As she comes to understand it, “I’m not in the business… I am the business.”

Challenge… avoiding being killed by a Blade Runner. Rachael, even after learning that she is not actually human, does not want to die. She worries that a time limit has been placed on her life, and that, like all other Replicants, she will self-destruct at any moment.

Personality… charming, naïve, and uncanny. Though her personality is only a copy of Dr. Tyrell’s niece, Rachael seems so human that even the cynical Rick Deckard begins to see her as more than a mere machine.

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