Quinn Fabray

Quinn Fabray

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… on Dudley Road in Lima, Ohio, with her strictly religious parents Russel and Judy. Quinn’s room is decorated with religious and conservative themes. She has a portrait of Jesus Christ on her wall, a collection of various dainty cross necklaces, and lots of pink.

Profession… high school student at McKinley High. Quinn is the head of the cheerleading squad and Coach Sue Sylvester’s favorite pet. Along with her boyfriend, quarterback Finn Hudson, she rules the school. That is, until Finn joins the glee club, much to Quinn’s anger and dismay. In order to spy on Finn, Quinn auditions for the group (called New Directions) and is admitted as a member. Coach Sylvester subsequently recruits her to spy on the glee club in order to bring it down from the inside. 

Interests… celibacy, being snobbish, and sustaining her spot at the top of the social hierarchy. Though her primary interest is cheerleading, Quinn shows significant promise in the glee club. She also serves as president of the Celibacy Club. Quinn carefully curates her image and becomes ruthless when any of her “interests” become threatened.

Relationship Status… dating McKinley’s star quarterback, Finn Hudson. Though she isn’t particularly nice to him all of time, Quinn does seem to care for Finn as more than just a pawn in her popularity scheme. Though she lies to him about many things, from her virginity to the fact that she had sex with his best friend, Puck.

Challenge… achieving perfect balance in all aspects of her (seemingly) perfect life. When Finn joined the Glee Club, a major disruption occurred in the once-ideal flow of Quinn’s existence. Afterwards, she had to do serious damage control to explain why her boyfriend had so disturbed the status quo. Plus she was suspicious of the glee club’s Rachel Berry, who, though one of the most unpopular girls in school, had managed to win over Finn to the point where he was actually nice to her. After seeing that Finn was being nice to Rachel – and perhaps fearing he wanted to be more than “nice” – Quinn decided to join the glee club in order to spy on him, further disrupting her perfect life.

Personality… spoiled, mean, petty, judgmental, and manipulative, but not a totally lost cause. Quinn often shows little compassion for other people, including her boyfriend Finn and her cheerleading friends. Because she has always had everything, Quinn can become a monster when there is something she wants and doesn’t get, or if something throws off the balance of her perfect life. But she’s smarter than she lets on and, like many teenagers, much more lost than she wants people to know.


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