Quentin Beck / Mysterio

Quentin Beck / Mysterio

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in an unknown location. Mysterio, whose real name is Quentin Beck, reveals very little about his personal background. Mysterio says he's from an alternate dimension that overlapped with Spider-Man’s due to the Blip. Mysterio never stays in one spot for too long.

Interests… using his special powers that include flying, manipulation of objects, the ability to produce illusions, and energy blasts.

Relationship Status… widowed. Mysterio said his family was killed by the Elementals, which left him completely alone. 

Challenge… ending the Elementals. He says he cannot do it alone as he is outnumbered and outmatched. He solicits the help of Nick Fury who in turn, introduces him to Peter Parker. Peter is drawn to Mysterio, who becomes a mentor to him. And Mysterio seems to be glad to have Peter on his side to help him save the day. But with a name like Mysterio, his true motives are be a bit mysterious.

Personality… fierce, intelligent, and cocky. Mysterio is as smart as they come, and he knows it. His words to live by include: “Never apologize for being the smartest guy in the room.”


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