Queen Victoria
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Queen Victoria

Mrs. Brown

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Living… in Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and she never leaves. Everything the Queen needs is brought to her. Every week it's the same order: one box of biscuits, one box of drop tablets, one box of pralines, and sixteen chocolate sponges. The Queen doesn’t enjoy the company of visitors, and she doesn’t enjoy the sight of her kingdom. Her castle is sufficient.

Profession… Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. The Castle remains in full mourning after the passing of her husband, and the Queen expects everyone to respect her wishes by keeping quiet.  She has a strictly regimented routine: breakfast at nine thirty, lunch at two, tea at five thirty, and dinner at eight forty five. Besides that, she oversees the upkeep of the castle and tries her best to stay out of political entanglements.

Interests… spending time with Mr. Brown, her Scottish servant. Mr. Brown keeps the castle secure to the Queen’s liking. Recently, intruders were found in the South Wing, but Mr. Brown seems to have prevented a crisis from occurring. In return, she sees to it that he is sufficiently rewarded for his efforts. He has also been her close confidant during her mourning period.

Relationship Status… shaken by the loss of her husband. Thankfully, she has the shoulder of Mr. Brown to lean on.

Challenge… returning the public sphere and overcoming the rumors that have arisen about her relationship with Mr. Brown. As she understands it, “No-one should think themselves wiser than me! It is not for any of the Queen’s subjects to presume to tell Her Majesty when and where She should come out of mourning.” The Queen feels that she is being judged too harshly for how she has dealt with her husband’s passing.

Personality… reclusive and proud. The Queen has no desire for the limelight or connections to the political establishment. She knows that those who are going after Mr. Brown are only trying to get to her, but she won’t stand for it.

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