Queen Elizabeth II
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Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen

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Grew Up… in line to inhabit the throne. The Queen, formerly known as Princess Elizabeth, has always had a royal authority. Her first Prime Minister was Winston Churchill, of whom she says, “He was kind enough to give a shy young girl like me quite an education.”

Living… through the early days of her tenth Prime Minister, a “modernizer” named Tony Blair. The Queen has not taken kindly to Mr. Blair’s proposed regime of reforms and overhauls. She is a traditional woman, with traditional values.

Visiting… Balmoral Castle in Scotland for the summer, one of many lush family homes in the British countryside.

Profession… Queen of the United Kingdom, Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The Queen has always seen her duty to “advise, guide and warn the government of the day” as indispensible, though after Princess Diana’s death she’s beginning to see that times have changed, and that perhaps Mr. Blair may have more of a grasp on her people than she does.

Interests… horses, corgis, and British tradition. The Queen knows that she represents strong British values – though she’s beginning to find that those values have shifted. “Something’s happened,” she tells her mother. “There’s been a change.”

Relationship Status… married to the loud and uncouth Prince Philip. The Queen and her husband have a loving and supportive relationship. He agrees with her decision to remain silent on Diana’s death. 

Challenge… upholding what she believes to be proper decorum, even in the face of public disapproval. “Diana is no longer a member of the Royal family,” she explains to the Prime Minister. “She’s not an HRH. This is a private matter.” While the Queen does not believe that Diana should have a public funeral, her public demands one. 

Personality… polite, proper and unwavering in her beliefs. The Queen is a paragon of English reserve and strength, yet she can also come across as old-fashioned and uptight.

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