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Grew Up... tough, on the slums of the planet Corellia. Like the other orphans around her, Qi’ra was forced to work as a “scrumrat” thief for the crime boss Lady Proxima. Her one solace was her childhood friend and later lover Han. The couple made plans to escape Proxima’s hold and leave Corellia behind. Unfortunately, only Han was able to make it onboard their transport ship—pledging to return for Qi’ra one day.

Living... on board a glamorous space yacht. Despite being captured while trying to escape Corellia, Qi’ra has managed to become an important player in the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate within just three years. Impressive.

Visiting… anywhere her work—or her space yacht home—takes her.

Profession... criminal lieutenant. Qi’ra is the right hand woman of high-ranking crime boss Dryden Vos.

Interests... fashionable capes and the deadly martial art of Teräs Käsi.

Relationship Status... single. Though Qi’ra and Han were madly in love as kids, she seems to have hardened herself a little bit since they were separated. She’s close to Dryden Vos, although the exact nature of their relationship is unclear. Mostly, it seems like Qi’ra just doesn’t want to get too close to anyone anymore, even though she reveals she’s spent the past few years still dreaming of a life with Han.

Challenge... helping Han and his team pull off a heist. After Han and Tobias Beckett fail at stealing a shipment of coaxium fuel for Dryden Vos, he gives them one chance to steal a replacement shipment. And to ensure they succeed, he assigns Qi’ra to join them. The mission is a massive challenge—if not downright impossible. But between Qi’ra’s connections (hello Lando Calrissian!) and Han’s piloting skills, they just might be able to pull it off.

Personality... a mystery. Back on Corellia, Qi’ra was earnest, openhearted and optimistic. Despite their tough childhoods, she believed she and Han could escape and start a new life together. But things have clearly changed for Qi’ra since then. Her new life with Dryden Vos is endlessly glamorous, and Qi’ra seems to have the power and freedom she once lacked. But she isn’t quite as optimistic as she used to be. Her glamour and confidence is like a mask she wears to hide the tough road she’s had to walk. When Han asks how she got out of her life of imprisonment, she responds, sadly, “I didn’t.”

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