Puck Connelly

Puck Connelly

The Scorpio Races

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About Her

Grew Up… on Thisby Island with her parents and two brothers. Her parents were killed by capall uisce, or water horses, so she has had a lot of responsibility thrust upon her in their absence.

Living… in a run-down little house that’s owned by Benjamin Malvern. She lives with her brothers Gabe and Finn, although Gabe is planning to leave for the mainland. They are barely getting by, struggling just to get enough money for food. They are also one of the few families on Thisby that own a car, albeit a very old one on the verge of breaking down.

Profession… craftswoman and racer. Puck sells the teapots she makes at Dory Maud’s shop to bring in a bit of money. She’s also recently gotten herself involved as a racer in the Scorpio Races.

Interests… riding around on her horse Dove, racing against Finn in his car.

Relationship Status… single. She’s a bit busy trying to save her home to look for romance, but there’s a guy who seems very willing to help her, in more ways than one.

Challenge… earning enough money to keep her family together on Thisby Island. Gabe leaving the island means that the Connellys can’t pay for their house, and Malvern has threatened to evict them. Puck’s only chance of making enough money to pay him is to get the champion’s prize from the Scorpio Races. It’s going to be a long shot, seeing as she’s the first girl to enter the race, and she doesn’t even have a capall uisce to ride. The races are dangerous, too– water horses are difficult to control, and some riders die. She’ll just have to avoid being one of them.

Personality… stubborn, competitive, and brave. Puck will do anything to keep what’s left of her family and her house, including risking her life in a race that traditionally only men participate in. She doesn’t see her gender as an issue, and she certainly doesn’t want to be a damsel in distress. Although she’s shaking in her boots, she’ll see her naysayers at the starting line.

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