Professor Hershel Layton

Professor Hershel Layton

    Professor Layton

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... an English gentleman. Hershel Layton was adopted at a young age and grew up in the English village of Stansbury where he studied at the prestigious Kingsbrook Academy. However, he soon left after the tragic death of his friend Randall.

Living... in London. As a young man moved back to London in search of work, as well as to make a fresh start. He and his assistants also frequently aid law enforcement with their most puzzling cases.

Profession... Professor of Archaeology. At 27, Layton became a professor of archaeology at his own alma mater Gressenheller University. Archaeology is the school’s specialty and Layton is the department’s preeminent professor.

Interests... tea. Layton has many gentlemanly hobbies like fencing and high literature, but tea is one of his greatest loves, second only to puzzles.

Relationship Status... single. During his earlier travels, Layton met and began a relationship with researcher Claire. However, she later died in an explosion involving a time machine. Layton’s signature hat is a gift from her he constantly wears out of respect.

Challenge... solving puzzles. Layton lives to solve puzzles. Whether its small riddles and number puzzles, or bigger mysteries like lost civilizations and diabolical boxes, Layton knows there is always a solution. As he says, “A gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved.” But during his investigations, he frequently tangles with his nemesis Descole as well as the shadowy Targent organization.

Personality... inquisitive. Layton is kind and brave, but his curiosity and desire for knowledge are his most defining traits. However, he doesn’t selfishly hoard information. He passes it onto members of the next generation like his young apprentice Luke Triton.


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