Princess Carolyn

Princess Carolyn

    Bojack Horseman

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in rural California as the daughter of an alcoholic maid. Princess Carolyn has come a long way from her humble beginnings and has fought her way to be where she is now.

Profession… talent agent who is representing a famous star who happens to be her ex-boyfriend, Bojack Horseman. She and Bojack were once entangled in a very long on-again and off-again romance, but after breaking it off for the final time, Princess Carolyn has been determined to keep their interactions strictly professional and platonic, and she’s been successful at it too. Princess Carolyn takes pride in her work and loves her career, despite its frustrations. She often struggles with keeping her personal life separate from her career, which leads her to take on many extra responsibilities and side gigs while maintaining her role as Bojack’s agent. As she says about her work, "I have to push a boulder up a hill and then have it roll over me time and time again with no regard for my well-being."

Interests... few. She spends so much time on her work that she doesn’t have much time for many other hobbies. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. Well, this is before a new visitor comes along…

Challenge... moving on from BoJack. Working with an ex is not easy, and she finds herself struggling to fully let go of him. As she says to Bojack, “I have loved you for 25 years, and I never loved anyone better. That kind of love, you only get it when you're young and stupid. I'm not gonna get it again. And when I tell my daughter the story of the great love of my life, I want it to have a happy ending.” Princess Carolyn believes with enough hard work that she can fix people and is thus drawn to relationships with people that take more than they give. But she is a strong woman, and perhaps she will one day find the courage to move on.

Personality... tenacious and ambitious. Princess Carolyn has shown to be consistently patient with adversities she faces, whether it involves covering up another Bojack scandal or dealing with a lazy assistant. Unfortunately, these qualities are double-edged as she has a hard time setting boundaries and drawing a clear line between her personal and professional life. But despite the challenges she faces, she always lands on her feet.


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