Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum

    Adventure Time
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the wake of a nuclear war that wiped out almost every human on earth. The Mushroom War irradiated the entire United States, leading to all kinds of unique mutations. Princes Bubblegum was born more than 800 years ago out of a sentient mass of bubblegum underground. In the centuries that have passed since then she’s established herself as the sovereign ruler of the Candy Kingdom, one of the most stable and advanced societies in the Land of Ooo.

Living… in the Candy Kingdom. It’s a place full of magic and wonder– while there aren’t many humans around, there’s everything from lava elementals to witches to sentient cookies. Don’t let the rainbows and whimsy fool you, though: the Land of Ooo can be extremely dangerous. Princess Bubblegum’s primary responsibility as the ruler of the Candy Kingdom is to protect her subjects from the various deadly threats that stalk the land of Ooo.

Profession… scientist and ruler. Princess Bubblegum runs all the affairs of the Candy Kingdom and has dedicated her life to improving the existence of her subjects. In pursuit of this goal, she coordinates the kingdoms defenses, throws lavish parties, and makes regular scientific breakthroughs.

Interests… science, adventures, and the good of her people. Princess Bubblegum is one of the most brilliant people in the world and often creates new inventions that perform impossible tasks. Her intelligence doesn’t stop there though: Princess Bubblegum can play the trumpet, is fluent in multiple languages and has a good understanding of the disparate cultures that dot the Land of Ooo.

Relationship status… single, although she has a long time flirtation with Candy Kingdom’s frequent hero and last surviving human, Finn. Bubblegum and Finn have rescued each other numerous times, and Finn has an undeniable crush on her. Bubblegum also has a long history with Marceline the vampire.

Challenge… maintaining peace throughout the Candy Kingdom. There are all kind of strange and unknown threats that wander the Land of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum tries to keep an ear to the ground so she can prepare for whatever might come next for her people. Meanwhile, she has to deal with the results of her experiments, which don’t always go according to plan.

Personality… brilliant, kind, and focused. Princess Bubblegum is a benevolent monarch who is endlessly generous to her subjects. She is so focused on ruling equitably that she rarely takes time for herself, preferring to dedicate herself wholly to the Candy Kingdom. She can have a quirky sense of humor, and a dark streak that shows itself only when the Kingdom is threatened.


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