Prince Edvard
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Prince Edvard

The Prince and Me

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About Him

Overview… a spoiled, party-boy prince and heir to the throne of Denmark. After getting in trouble with his parents for lacking interest in the kingdom, he convinces them to let him attend college in America. Specifically, he picks the University of Wisconsin, which he heard about through an episode of Girls Gone Wild.

Personality… reckless, smug, and romantic. Prince Edvard – or “Eddie,” as he’s known at university – knows enough about Shakespeare and courting the opposite sex to have his pick of his fellow students. And being raised as royalty rarely diminishes anyone’s confidence level. Yet somehow, he’s mostly drawn to Paige, his serious, disapproving lab partner. Part of Eddie may like the challenge, but he’s finding that his usual tricks don’t work with Paige and he’ll need to tap into deeper levels of himself – provided they exist.

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