Prince Akeem
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Prince Akeem

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About Him

Grew Up… in riches and royalty. Akeem was born into the royal family of the glorious African nation of Zamunda, and he was pampered from infancy to adulthood. Everything from arranged marriages to a daily cleaning of his royal private parts.

Living… in Queens, New York. Bored and frustrated with his papered life as a prince, Akeem packs up and moves to Queens, since that’s where he assumes all the American queens live. Accompanied by his close friend and aide, Semmi, Akeem rents a dilapidated apartment and pretends to be a poor foreigner, finding a job at a local fast food restaurant.

Profession… Prince of Zamunda, turned sweeper at McDowell’s, a fast food restaurant owned by Cleo McDowell. Akeem works alongside the McDowell daughters, Lisa and Patrice.

Interests… finding a wife. His biggest interest seems to be meeting someone he can relate to and love truly, and he might have come to just the right place.

Relationship Status… single. His father has arranged a bride for him, but he begins to fall for Lisa, the daughter of his boss at McDowell’s. But she has no idea who he really is. Will she accept him when she finds out, or will she be angry that he lied?

Challenge… becoming a man of his own. Akeem wishes to be free of his pampered upbringing, but he’s starting to learn that New York City can be a tough place to live, both physically and spiritually. But it will take a lot more than an armed robbery and cold weather to deter Akeem.

Personality… spoiled but trying to improve himself. Akeem has a lot of love in his heart, but it is hard to be selfless when you were raised with one hundred servants doting on your every whim. Akeem is trying to change for the better.

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