Tulip O'Hare
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Tulip O'Hare


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About Her

Grew Up... fast, in Annville, Texas. With her mother busy working at a local brothel, Tulip was raised by her alcoholic uncle Walter. But—more often than not—she simply raised herself.  

Visiting... Annville. Again. After making her way in the world, Tulip ventures back to Annville to reconnect with her old flame Jesse Custer.  

Profession... professional criminal. Or something like that. Tulip is a little vague about the “jobs” she pulls, but they frequently involve beating people up and occasionally even shooting down Blackhawk helicopters  

Interests... playing poker, taunting Jesse, and assembling homemade bazookas.  

Relationship Status... begrudgingly single. Tulip and Jesse grew up together and were once as thick as thieves (literally). But after a job went awry, the two split up. Yet Tulip isn’t quite finished with Jesse yet. As she puts it, “If you're lucky enough to fall in love… fight like a lion to keep it alive.” 

Challenge... seeking vengeanceTulip is a woman wronged and she has every intention of getting revenge. When a job went south, Tulip and Jesse were left high and dry by a man named Carlos. Now Tulip is determined to track down and kill her betrayer. To get the job done, however, she’ll need Jesse’s help. Unfortunately, he’s recently decided to set out on the straight and narrow as a small town preacher. So it’s up to her to convince him to pull “one last job.”  

Personality... tough, flirtatious, poised, and incredibly violent. Tulipthe kind of person who will assemble a bazooka while dispensing advice about love. Most of the time she’s sweet and charming, but push her buttons and her temper will flare up in particularly vicious ways. She’s got a strong sense of justice, but she prefers to dispense that justice her own way.    

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