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Living... anywhere that will have him. Cassidy is something of a nomad, which is a fitting life for a 119-year-old Irish vampire.  

Visiting... Annville, Texas. Cassidy crash-lands there after jumping out of a failing airplane. He quickly befriends a local preacher named Jesse Custer and decides he might as well stick around for a while.      

Profession... vampire and handy man. Once he decides to remain in Annville, Cassidy offers to do odd jobs at Jesse’s church. He’s not quite as skilled at fixing air conditioners as he thinks he is, but he pitches in where he can—especially when Jesse finds himself in need of backup during a brutal fight.  

Interests... booze, drugs, women, and arguing about pop culture. Cassidy needs to drink blood to heal, but as he puts it, “All things being equal, I'd rather have a single malt.”  

Relationship Status... single. Cassidy seems to be more than happy enjoying a single life with frequent trips to the local brothel. But he can’t help but fall for a no-nonsense, gun-totting woman named Tulip O’Hare.  

Challenge... fighting off the religious fanatics who want him dead. No matter where he goes, Cassidy can’t seem to shake off the vampire-hating zealots who are out to kill him. Thankfully, he’s got the fighting skills to fend them off. And it also helps that as long as he has access to blood, he’s virtually immortal. So long as he stays out of the sun, of course.  

Personality...roguish, charming, and slightly unhinged. Cassidy is both a vicious enemy and a loyal friend. He’ll jump into a fight no questions asked and keep up a running commentary on his favorite pop culture while he does so. But despite the amount of blood he’s shed (and drank), Cassidy is something of a chipper optimist. His always wants to find the joy in life, whether that involves getting drunk with a new friend or taking out a vampire hunter. When asked if he kills people, Cassidy notes, “Not if they don't deserve it.”

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